Livestock Research For Rural Development

Volume 8, Number 4, November 1996



  1. Influence of Gliricidia sepium restricted grazing on live weight gain of growing cattle in star grass pastures; J Combellas, Leyla Ríos, P Colombo, R Alvarez and L Gabaldón

  2. The effects of ammoniated rice straw diets supplemented with Chinese milk vetch silage on rumen fermentation and microflora in sheep; Jun-An Ye, Jian-Xin Liu and Jun Ya

  3. A sub-urban agro-ecosystem of nopal-vegetable production based on the intensive use of dairy cattle manure in the southeast hills of Mexico City; H Losada, D Grande, J Vieyra, L Arias, R Pealing(1), J Rangel and A Fierro

  4. Effect of housing system (cage versus underground shelter) on performance of rabbits on farms; Nguyen Quang Suc, Dinh Van Binh, Le Thi Thu Ha and T R Preston

  5. Effect of planting season and type of fertilizer on biomass yield and quality of sugar cane; Nguyen Thi Mui, T R Preston, Dinh van Binh, Le Viet Ly and Ngo Tien Dzung

  6. Effect of season of planting (and harvesting) of sugar cane on the nutritive value of the juice for fattening pigs; Nguyen Thi Mui, T R Preston, Dinh Van Binh, Le Viet Ly and Nguyen Tien Dung

  7. Ileal and in vitro digestibility in the pig of three floating aquatic macrophytes; P L Domínguez, Yamilet Molinet and J Ly

  8. Phenotypic and approximate genetic correlations between milk yield, days open and calf weight in tropical dual purpose cattle; Lucía Vaccaro, A Pérez, H Mejías, R Vaccaro and O Verde

  9. The production of milk from dairy herds in the suburban conditions of Mexico City. I. The case of Iztapalapa; H Losada, J Cortés, D Grande, J Rivera, R Soriano, J Vieyra, A Fierro and L Arias

  10. Urea blocks without molasses made of a variety of by-products and binders; M Hadjipanayiotou

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