Livestock Research For Rural Development

Volume 8, Number 1, January 1996



  1. Ciclaje de nutrientes en un banco de proteína de matarratón (Gliricidia sepium); Maria Elena Gómez and T R Preston

  2. Comparative parameters of digestion and N metabolism in Mong Cai and Mong Cai*Large White cross piglets having free access to sugar cane juice and duck weed; Lylian Rodríguez and T R Preston

  3. In Sacco Dry Matter Degradability and In Vitro Gas Production Characteristics Of Some Ghanaian Feeds; A K Tuah, D B Okai, E R Ørskov, D Kyle, Wshand, J F D Greenhalgh, FY Obese and PK Karikari

  4. Mineral status in beef cattle, live weight changes and immune response as related to selenium and vitamin E supplementation; P A Cuesta, L R McDowell, W E Kunkle, M J Lawman, F Bullock, A Drew, N S Wilkinson and F G Martin

  5. Mineral Supplementation for Cattle in Panama: a Practical Assessment of Commercial Mineral Mixtures; Jose Zorrilla-Rios, Marcelino Jaent and Lee R McDowell

  6. Performance of Friesian heifers on urea blocks and of Chios ewes on blocks and other supplements; M Hadjipanayiotou

  7. Seasonal growth in rabbits fed wheat and maize bran with tropical forages; Muir J P and Massaete E

  8. Supplementing poultry diet with tree leaves or seeds: on-farm research in Nicaragua; Niels Kyvsgaard and Ramiro Urbina

  9. The forage tree Erythrina fusca as a protein supplement for cattle and as a component of an agroforestry system; Piedad Cuellar, Lylian Rodriguez and T R Preston

  10. Smallholder milk production, milk handling and utilization: A case study from the Nharira/Lancashire farming area, Zimbabwe; A N Mutukumira, D M J Dube, E G Mupunga and S B Feresu

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