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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 31, Number 9, September 2019
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of dietary replacement of fishmeal with spent brewer’s yeast on growth performance of Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) in Cambodian coastal aquaculture; Sen Sorphea, Torbjörn Lundh, Jan Erik Lindberg, Chau Thi Da, Andrew C Barnes and Anders Kiessling

  2. Preliminary evaluation on morphological response of Indigofera zollingeriana tree legume under different cropping patterns grown at 12 weeks after planting underneath mature coconuts; S D Anis, Ch L Kaunang, M M Telleng, W B Kaunang, C J Sumolang and U Paputungan

  3. Dynamic development of dairy cow enterprise in Vietnam; Hoang Vu Quang

  4. Dietary supplementation of butyric acid, probiotic Bacillus subtilis or their combination on weight gain, internal organ weight and carcass traits of the Indonesian indigenous crossbred chickens; Endang Widiastuti, Isroli Isroli, Retno Murwani, Tri A Sartono, Hanny I Wahyuni, Turrini Yudiarti and Sugiharto Sugiharto

  5. Feed intake, rumen fermentation, digestibility and live weight gain of male Bali cattle (Bos javanicus) fed different mixtures of Gliricidia sepium and Leucaena leucocephala; Dahlanuddin, O Yanuarianto, Taufik Fauzi, Penny J Back, Rebecca Hickson, S T Morris, W E Pomroy, Janet I Reid and C W N Anderson

  6. Succession decisions in Indonesia family dairy farm business; A Firman, M Paturochman, S L Budimulyati, M H Hadiana, D Tasripin, O S Suwartapradja and M Munandar

  7. Feeding to the limits: efficient early weaning of lambs on solid feed at four weeks; C Milis, A Seidavi, V Tufarelli, M Ahmadi, S Milioudis, A Hatzikas and D Liamadis

  8. Reproductive performances of crossbred dairy cattle at Holetta Agricultural Research Center; Kefale Getahun, Direba Hunde, Million Tadesse and Yosef Tadesse

  9. Evaluation of heterosis and combining ability for growth and reproductive traits in rabbit crosses kept under hot and humid environment in Ghana; J K Hagan and L Opoku-Mensah

  10. Chemical composition and fecal digestibility of fermented peach palm fruit (Bactris gasipaes Kunth) in growing pigs; W Caicedo, F N Ferreira, Derwin Viáfara, Andrea Guaman, Carolina Socola and J C Moyano (In Spanish)

  11. Supplementation with intra-ruminal boluses of cobalt, copper and selenium in Brahman heifers in the southwestern region of Venezuela; Jhonny Eduardo Parada-Sánchez and Robert Emilio Mora-Luna (In Spanish)

  12. Evaluation of selection criteria in laying quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica); T E Stivanin, F M Costa Maia, E Migliorini, S Kluska, S T Amorim, F S Lovatto and E N Martins

  13. Efficacy of canola meal in diets for grower and finisher pigs reared in Vietnam; La Van Kinh, Phan Van Sy, La Thi Thanh Huyen and William W Riley

  14. Feeding Dayak onion (Eleutherine palmifolia) extract and Lactobacillus acidophilus mixture on blood biochemicals, meat quality characteristics and growth performance in broiler chickens; Iis Yuanita, Dwi Sunarti, Hanny Indrat Wahyuni and Nyoman Suthama

  15. Egg quality of two layer strains as influenced by extended storage periods and storage temperatures; Julius Kofi Hagan and Francisca O Eichie

  16. Distribution of ciliate protozoal populations in the rumen, reticulum and omasum of angus heifers offered lucerne cereal mix; Son Hung Nguyen and Roger Stephan Hegarty

  17. Dorper and Dorper x Pelibuey ewes do not show season effect on reproductive activity under subhumid tropical conditions; J J R Aké-López, W M Monforte-Madariaga, J R Aké-Villanueva and J C Segura-Correa

  18. Fish production in cages and pens in the northern Benin water reservoirs; R O E Pčlčbč, I Imorou Toko, I N Ouattara, E Y Attakpa, E H Montchowui and P Kestemont (In French)

  19. The dairy she-camel: a new sustainable strategy of the milk sector in the Saharan regions; the case of Ghardaia region, Algeria; Foudila Lameche and Abdelmadjid Chehma (In French)