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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 31, Number 8, August 2019
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Growth rate of Holstein-Friesian cattle was increased, and eructed methane was reduced, when a basal diet of cassava pulp-urea was supplemented with cassava foliage and coconut cake; Duong Nguyen Khang, Dang Thi Ngoc Anh and T R Preston

  2. Technology adoption in dairy agribusiness; Dursun Barrios, Fernando José Restrepo-Escobar and Mario Cerón-Muñoz (In Spanish)

  3. Performance characteristics of broiler chickens fed graded levels of moringa (Moringa oleifera lam) leaf meal in partial replacement of soybean meal; A Imoru, G E Onibi and I B Osho

  4. Pastoral livestock systems and climate change in West Africa: assessment and prospects; Y Idrissou, A S Assani, Y Toukourou, H S S Worogo, B G C Assogba, M Azalou, J S Adjassin, C D A Alabi, J A Yabi and I T Alkoiret (In French)

  5. Nutritional value of seven ecotypes of Tithonia diversifolia collected in Eastern Cuba; R Rodríguez, J Galindo, T E Ruiz, C Solis, I Scull and S Gómez (In Spanish)

  6. Factors affecting the success of embryo transfer in Ouled Djellal and Hamra ewes; Ismail Gharbi, Amina Samia Dechicha, Mustapha Ferrouk, Djamila Baazize-Ammi, Seddik Kebbal and Djamel Guetarni (In French)

  7. Evaluation of chemical composition of carob meal (Ceratonia silliqua) and its effect on growth performance in fattening rabbits; M Guenaoui, D J Guemour and S Meliani

  8. Genetic diversity of Cyprinus carpio from hatchery and natural lakes of Albania, based on microsatellite markers; Xhiliola Bixheku, Anila Hoda, Adiola Biba and Dhurata Bozo

  9. Statistical Model of Impact Measuring -SMIM- of some indicators on milk production in a livestock unit in western Cuba; Á C Alonso-Vázquez, Verena Torres-Cárdenas, C A Iriban-Díaz, Mileisys Benítez-Odio and Bertha Chongo-García (In Spanish)

  10. Growth performance and fecal worm egg count of West African dwarf goats fed diets containing varying levels of Ocimum gratissimum (Scent leaf); K O Adebayo, R Y Aderinboye, K A Sanwo, I K Oyewusi and O A Isah

  11. Mechanizing the smallholder dairy farm: its impact on herd size and labor efficiency; M H Hadiana, A R Daud and R H Supratman

  12. The effect of oxalate on the availability of minerals in pig diets containing fresh or ensiled taro leaves; Du Thanh Hang, Nguyen Thi Quynh Anh, Vu Van Hai, G P Savage and Le Duc Ngoan

  13. Simulating rice distillers’ by-product with fermented sticky rice; effects on methane production in an in vitro rumen fermentation of ensiled cassava root, cassava foliage and urea; Sangkhom Inthapanya, T R Preston, Le Thuy Binh Phuong, Le Dinh Phung and Le Duc Ngoan

  14. Effect of cassava leaf meal and coconut cake on methane production in an in vitro incubation using cassava root pulp and urea as substrate; Duong Nguyen Khang, Dang Thi Ngoc Anh and T R Preston

  15. Reproductive qualities of D'Man ewes in Algerian oases; A Boubekeur, M T Benyoucef, M Benidir, A Slimani, A Maaref and M Lounassi (In French)

  16. Influence of ripening and dietary concentration of Morinda citrifolia fruit powder on egg performance and gut health of laying hens; Siaka Seriba Diarra, Samson Kakadi, Seini Tukuafu, Alefaio Meki, Douglas Williams, Sheenal Kumar and Ashika Devi