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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 31, Number 6, June 2019
ISSN 0121-3784
V Curso Internacional Restauración Agroecológica:
Resiliencia frente al Cambio Climático

22-25 de julio, 2019
  8th International Seminar. Tropical Swine Production 2019.  
Second Announcement

VIII Seminario Internacional Porcicultura Tropical 2019.  
II Anuncio



  1. Evaluation of production performance of Arsi-Holstein Friesian crossbred dairy cattle: A case of Assela Model Agricultural Enterprise, Arsi zone, Oromia Region; Teshome Gedefa, Ajebu Nurfeta and Nega Tola

  2. Impact of mineral feeding on reproductive efficiency on smallholder dairy farms in Kenya; Shauna Richards, John Vanleeuwen, Shepelo Getrude Peter, Jeff Wichtel, Collins Kamunde, Fabienne Uehlinger and George Gitau

  3. Integration of freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rossenbergii de Man, 1879 and red seaweed Gracilaria tenuistipitata under different feeding rates; Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh

  4. Variance components for milk yield in tropical goats using test-day models; S J Calvo, L G González-Herrera, N Pereira da Silva Santos, Mario Fernando Cerón-Muñoz, J L Rocha Sarmento and H Cardona-Cadavid (In Spanish)

  5. Effects of Neem (Azadirachta indica) and pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) seeds and their combination as feed additive on growth and carcass characteristics of broilers; Zinabu Mathewos, Meseret Girma, Negassi Ameha and Tesfaheywet Zeryehun

  6. Effects of supplementation with Gliricidia sepium leaves on performance of Bali cattle fed elephant grass; Muhammad Rusdy, Syahdar Baba, Sjamsuddin Garantjang and Ilham Syarif

  7. Evaluation of the use of carob pods (Ceratonia silliqua) in rabbit nutrition; effect on growth performances and health status after weaning; M Guenaoui, D J Guemour and S Meliani

  8. Effects of urea, soybean meal and blood and feather meal mixture on rumen characteristics and performance of Brahman crossbred cattle; N T Ngu, N T H Nhan, N V Hon, L H Anh, N Thiet and L T Hung

  9. Egg fertility and embryo viability of turkey hens inseminated at varied intervals; Karamat Adejumoke Adebisi and Emmanuel Olubisi Ewuola

  10. Reproductive performance indicators of dairy cattle in selected small-scale dairy farms in semi-arid Eastern Kenya; E O Mungube, D M G Njarui, M W Maichomo, M O Olum, P N Ndirangu, J Kabirizi, J Ndikumana and G Mwangi

  11. Growth performance of Boer goats and their F1 and F2 crosses and backcrosses with Central Highland goats in Ethiopia; Amine Mustefa, Solomon Gizaw, Sandip Banerjee, Ayele Abebe, Mestawet Taye, Alemnew Areaya and Shanbel Besufekad

  12. Reproductive performance under intensive heat stress management on a large dairy farm in central Thailand; Suppada Kananub, John VanLeeuwen and Pipat Arunvipas

  13. The sugar content profile of honey produced by the Indonesian Stingless bee, Tetragonula laeviceps, from different regions; Agussalim, Ali Agus, Nurliyani and Nafiatul Umami

  14. Effect on nutritive value of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) stems of ensiling them with urea; Le Thi Thuy Hang and T R Preston

  15. Evaluation of methods of processing rubber seed meal in terms of chemical composition and energy value; H M Farr, A Donkoh, M K Boateng and K B Mensah

  16. In vitro evaluation of effects of tobacco remains and laundry soap combination on brown ticks; Stewart Chikomola and R K D Phoya

  17. Water retention capacity of biochar and its effect on growth of maize; Nguyen Van Lanh, Nguyen Huy Bich, Bui Ngọc Hung, Nguyen Nam Quyen and T R Preston

Short communications

  1. Non-genetic factors that affect the reproductive behavior of crossbred sheep in Guerrero, Mexico; A Catalán Robles, A Hernández Rodríguez, L M Fraga, E J Mireles Martínez and I Gutiérrez Segura (In Spanish)