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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 31, Number 4, April 2019
ISSN 0121-3784
V Curso Internacional Restauración Agroecológica:
Resiliencia frente al Cambio Climático

22-25 de julio, 2019
  8th International Seminar. Tropical Swine Production 2019.  
Second Announcement

VIII Seminario Internacional Porcicultura Tropical 2019.  
II Anuncio



  1. Correlation between weight and BCS of Ouled Djellal ewes in an accelerated lambing farm; S Smaali

  2. Genetic differentiation and population structure of four Mozambican indigenous cattle populations; M A Madilindi, C B Banga, E Bhebhe, Y P Sanarana, K S Nxumalo, M G Taela and N O Mapholi

  3. Factors influencing participation in dairy goat milk marketing in Kenya and its implication for a sustainable breeding program; T D O Ogola and I S Kosgey

  4. Factors affecting the conception rate of artificial insemination in small cattle dairy farms in an Algerian semi-arid area; C Mouffok, A Allouni, L Semara and F Belkasmi

  5. Prevalence of ecto and endo parasites of chickens in some villages in Taraba state, North-Eastern Nigeria; Fufa Ido Gimba, Shola David Ola-Fadunsin, Donea Abdurazak Abdullah, Mohammed Konto, Bunsheya Ba’abe Daudu and Dauda Abubakar

  6. Effects of adding herbal powders to diets containing Tra catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) by-products on performance and health status of local chickens; Nguyen Thi Thuy

  7. Feed intake, relative preference index, rumen digestion kinetics, nutrient digestibility and live weight change of goats fed selected browse plants; M I Okoruwa

  8. Mangosteen peel extract in Tris-egg yolk extender improves fertility of cryopreserved goat sperm; Nurul Isnaini, Muhammad Nur Ihsan and Sri Wahjuningsih

  9. Evaluating the milk fatty acid composition from Boerawa goats; Muhammad Ihsan Andi Dagong, Lellah Rahim, Sri Rachma Aprilita Bugiwati, Renny Fatmyah Utamy and Syahdar Baba

  10. Supplementing sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) hay with garlic oil; effects on rumen in vitro gas production, digestibility and ammonia production; E Kirisci and A Kamalak

  11. Chemical composition and food value for ruminants of Fraxinus oxyphylla Bieb; M Bencherchali, Z Houmani and M Houmani (In French)

  12. Mass production of maggots for fish feed using naturally occurring adult houseflies (Musca domestica); Lugano Hezron, Nazael Madalla and Sebastian W Chenyambuga

  13. Effect of garlic powder (Allium sativum) on performance of broiler chicken; Melaku Mulugeta, Zemene Worku, Ahmad Seid and Lemessa Debela

  14. Technology adoption in dairy production systems of the Indian Reservation of Cumbal in the Nariño department, Colombia; Juan Taramuel, Dursun Barrios and Mario Cerón-Muñoz (In Spanish)

  15. Chemical composition and digestibility of Acacia species provenances in Tigray, Northern Ethiopiae; Kibrom Gebremeskel, Kinfe Mezgebe and Adugna Gesesse

  16. Ileal digestibility of nutrients in pigs fed with Sesbania foliage meal (Sesbania rostrata Brem.); J Ly, Y Caro, A García, M Ruiz, E Moreno and S Mireles (In Spanish)

Short communications

  1. Effect of supplementation of poultry litter-based diet on body weight gain of cattle; Gebreslassie Gebru, Desta Tekle, Meseret Redae, Minister Birhanie, Mulalem Zenebe and Hailay Hagos