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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 31, Number 10, October 2019
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. The effect of fermentation time and Trichoderma levels on digestibility and chemical components of Black Soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae; M Mulyono, V D Yunianto, N Suthama and D Sunarti

  2. Rice distillers’ byproduct and biochar as additives to a forage-based diet for native Moo Lath sows during pregnancy and lactation; Bounlerth Sivilai and T R Preston

  3. Evaluation of antioxidant activity, phenolic, flavonoid and vitamin C content of several honeys produced by the Indonesian stingless bee: Tetragonula laeviceps; Ali Agus, Agussalim, Nurliyani, Nafiatul Umami and I Gede Suparta Budisatria

  4. Factors influencing the mortality of Saanen kids and crossbreds between Saanen and Red Maradi in Northern Benin; O T L F Offoumon, A S Assani, C D Alabi, F Soulé and I T Alkoiret (In French)

  5. A note on the chemical composition and nutritive value of Corojo palm (Acrocomia armentalis) nuts; Y Caro, J Ly, L E Rivero, Daymara Bustamante, R Arias and R Batista (In Spanish)

  6. Effect of replacing maize with cassava peel-leaf mixture on growth performance of broiler chickens; J C Olowoyeye, J O Agbede, F A Igbasan, O D Oloruntola and A O Ayeni

  7. Description of the production and management system of the Creole cattle from Pasorapa, Bolivia, a well-adapted population to harsh environments; G Bottani Claros, E Jonas, J A Rojas Beltrán and E Strandberg

  8. Comparison of mathematical models for lactation curves analysis in Criollo Limonero crossbred cattle; A Rodríguez-Petit, A Parra Oliveros, A Arteaga Tapias and J Vergara-López

  9. Associations of some candidate gene polymorphisms with growth traits in Duroc pigs; Hoang Thi Thuy, Giang Thi Thanh Nhan, Pham Thi Phuong Mai, Tran Thi Thu Thuy, Le Quang Nam, Doan Phuong Thuy, Nguyen Van Hung, Tran Xuan Manh, Doan Van Soan and Pham Doan Lan

  10. Effect of adding vitamins and minerals in powder or aqueous form on egg production of hens in the late stage of the laying cycle; Nguyen Thi Thuy

  11. Sensorial valuation in beef quality from livestock sustainable systems in flooded savanna of Arauca, Colombia; C P Sossa-Sánchez, W A Barragán-Hernández, J J Lopera-Marín, D A Rodríguez-Colamarco, J L Bothía-Manosalva, A Galindo-Ospina and E Murgueitio (In Spanish)

  12. Effect of ensiling on the chemical composition and in vitro fermentation of whole-crop sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.); C Solís, R Rodríguez, Y Marrero, A Elías, O Moreira, L Sarduy and M Ruiloba (In Spanish)

  13. Weight estimation in native crossbred Assamese goats; A Hopker, J MacKay, N Pandey, S Hopker, R Saikia, B Pegu, D Saikia, M Minor, J Goswami, R Marsland and N Sargison

  14. Comparative performance of pure local, cross Boer-Abergelle F1 and F2 goats in selected Weredas in the central zone of Tigray; Mearg Fitsum, Bahlibi Weldegebriall, Bruh Weldemariam, Berhanu Haile, Destalem G/michael, Berhe Teklay, Tsigab Nirayo and Amanuel Kidane

  15. Effect of a simulated rice distillers’ byproduct on methane production in an in vitro rumen incubation of ensiled cassava root supplemented with urea and leaf meal from sweet or bitter cassava; Sangkhom Inthapanya, T R Preston, Le Duc Ngoan and Le Dinh Phung

  16. Cholesterol quality of edible eggs produced by quail fed diets containing probiotic and/ or ginger (Zingiber officinale); M I Khalifa and E A Noseer

  17. Reproduction and survival analysis of Boer and their crosses with Central Highland goats in Ethiopia; Amine Mustefa, Sandip Banerjee, Solomon Gizaw, Mestawet Taye, Tesfaye Getachew, Alemnew Areaya, Ayele Abebe, and Shanbel Besufekad