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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 31, Number 1, January 2019
ISSN 0121-3784
8th International Seminar. Tropical Swine Production 2019.   Second Announcement

VIII Seminario Internacional Porcicultura Tropical 2019.   II Anuncio



  1. Effect of additives (brewer’s grains and biochar) and cassava variety (sweet versus bitter) on nitrogen retention, thiocyanate excretion and methane production by Bach Thao goats; L T B Phuong, T R Preston, Nguyen Huu Van and Dinh Van Dung

  2. Evaluation of grasshoppers as a protein source for improved indigenous chicken growers; E S Nginya, J O Ondiek, A M King’ori and J M Nduko

  3. Prevalence of aflatoxins contamination in commercial broiler feeds in Kenya; F N Thuita, J K Tuitoek, A M King’ori and M A Obonyo

  4. Heat level influence on prolificacy traits of rabbits in Cuba; Y García Hernández, R E Ponce de León Sentí, A Ledesma Rodríguez, Y Rodríguez Calvo and D García Quiñones (In Spanish)

  5. Haematological and serum biochemical reference values of healthy Agoutis (Dasyprocta leporina) reared intensively in Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; Kegan Romelle Jones, Kavita Ranjeeta Lall and Gary Wayne Garcia

  6. In situ ruminal degradability of Spartina spartinae; Areadne Sosa, A Ayala, Juana Galindo, Cinthya Rosado, Concepción Capetillo, Daiky Valenciaga and Yolaine Medina (In Spanish)

  7. A novel pH-based pen-side test for detection of sub-clinical mastitis: validation in cattle and camels, Kenya; P N Ndirangu, E O Mungube, M W Maichomo, P K Nyongesa, D Wamae, J O On’gala, N W Gicheru, G Keya, H O Wesonga and D Siamba

  8. Growth and reproductive performance of West African Dwarf Sheep (Djallonké) at the Livestock and Poultry Research Centre, University of Ghana; E Ampong, F Y Obese and R A Ayizanga

  9. Performance of growing pigs given diets in which fish meal was replaced by Tra catfish by products; Tran Trung Tuan and Brian Ogle

  10. Effect of either non-encapsulated or encapsulated acidifier-phytobiotic-probiotic on performance, intestinal characteristics and intestinal microflora of local hybrid ducks; Muhammad H Natsir, Osfar Sjofjan, Eko Widodo, Ilham Ardiansah and Eny S Widyastuti

  11. Compost based on feathers of chickens (gallus gallus domesticus); Nelino Florida Rofner and Fernando Reategui Diaz (In Spanish)

  12. Effect of dietary lycopene supplementation on growth performance, blood parameters and antioxidant enzymes status in broiler chickens; Aref Mezbani, Bahman Parizadian Kavan, Ali Kiani and Babak Masouri

Short communications

  1. The effect of body condition and weight of Ouled Djellal ewes on the growth of the lambs in an accelerated lambing farm; S Smaali and Boukazoula