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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 8, August 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Altitudinal chemical composition variations in biomass of rangelands in Northern Greece; I Mountousis, K Papanikolaou, G Stanogias, F Chatzitheodoridis and V Karalazos

  2. Prevalence of gastro intestinal parasite infections in Maasai cattle in Ngorongoro District, Tanzania; E S Swai, P F Mtui, A N Mbise, E Kaaya, P Sanka and P M Loomu

  3. Screening of potential indigenous browse species in semi-arid central Tanzania; A case of Gairo division; E J Mtengeti and A Mhelela

  4. Multiple-purpose trees used in live stock production in the hot and humid region of the State of Michoacán, Mexico; J C González Gómez, X Madrigal Sánchez, A Ayala Burgos, A Juárez Caratachea and E Gutiérrez Vázquez (In Spanish)

  5. Udder health and milk quality among camels in the Errer valley of eastern Ethiopia; O A Sh Abdurahman

  6. Current status and possibilities for improvement of traditional apiculture in sub-Saharan Africa; R T Wilson

  7. Influence of internal temperature in batch digesters loaded with poultry manure; L Henríquez, J Mantilla and M Niño (In Spanish)

  8. A survey on livestock production in some traditional areas of Northern Kwazulu Natal in South Africa; N W Kunene and A Fossey

  9. Applicability of National Research Council calf feeding standards to a dual purpose system in Venezuela; J Combellas and M Tesorero

  10. A survey of the reproductive status of cattle in Nharira-Lancashire smallholder dairy scheme, Zimbabwe; E Masama, N T Kusina, S Sibanda and C Majoni

  11. Studies on growth performance in Kadaknath breed of poultry; M S Thakur, S N S Parmar and P V A Pillai

  12. Indicators to monitor trends in livestock production at national, regional and international levels; P Chilonda and J Otte

  13. Farmer adoption of urea treatment of cereal straws for feeding of dairy animals: a success in Mithila milkshed, India; Sabyasachi Roy and D V Rangnekar

  14. Chemical composition and in sacco degradability of forest based fodders of Nagaland state of India in Mithun (Bos frontalis); B Prakash, M Mondal, A Rongsensusang, K Hannah and C Rajkhowa

  15. Estimates of genetic and phenotypic parameters for preweaning growth traits of N'Dama (Bos Taurus) calves in the humid tropics of Nigeria; A R Abdullah and O Olutogun