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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 7, July 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. New Cocoyam (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) leaves as partial replacement for soya bean meal in sugar cane juice diets for growing pigs; Lylian Rodríguez, Deibys J Lopez; T R Preston and K Peters

  2. The effect of Cirina forda larva meal in rabbit diets on performance, carcass quality and nutrient digestibility; O I A Oluremi, M Bogbenda and T P Mkah

  3. Biochemical and protein quality evaluation of tender pods of wild legume Canavalia cathartica of coastal sand dunes; B Bhagya, K R Sridhar and S Seena

  4. Analysis of participation of farmers in participatory poultry production research in Lagos State, Nigeria; S O Apantaku

  5. The potential of fonio (Digitaria exilis,Stapf) as feed for monogastrics; V A Clottey, F Avornyo, A Addo-Kwafo and W A Agyare

  6. Silage quality of four sunflower genotypes elaborated with different plant proportions: Dry matter, nitrogen fraction, pH and ether extract; Noguera R R, Gonçalves L C and Pereira L (In Spanish)

  7. How do milking conditions affect the hygienic quality of raw milk? Case study from Moroccan dairy farms; M T Sraïri, J Moudnib, L Rahho, A Hamama

  8. Job satisfaction of faculty members of veterinary sciences: an analysis; M Gautam, K Mandal and R S Dalal

  9. An endeavour to increase shelf life of milk from isolated traditional livestock keepers in Eastern Zone of Tanzania; P Y Kavana, B S J Msangi, Y N Msanga, E J M Shirima and J K A Bee

  10. Rabbit production on small farms in Tizi-Ouzou region, Algeria; F Djellal, A Mouhous and S A Kadi (In French)

  11. Backyard poultry farming in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, India: an analysis; M K Mandal, N Khandekar and P Khandekar

  12. Crop-livestock integrated farming system for the Marginal farmers in rain fed regions of Chhattisgarh in Central India; W Y Ramrao, S P Tiwari and P Singh

  13. Effect of levels of sodium hydroxide on development of moulds and yeasts and nutritive value of sugarcane bagasse; A Moura Zanine, E Mauro Santos, D de Jesus Ferreira and O Gomes Pereira (In Portuguese)

  14. Evaluation of carob, Ceratonia siliqua pods as a feed for sheep; A Karabulut, O Canbolat and A Kamalak

  15. Management practices utilized by producers of hair sheep of two social sectors in Campeche, México; A Dzib-Can, G Torres-Hernández, A Ortiz-de-Montellano and E Aceves-Navarro (In Spanish)