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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 6, June 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Immune status of semi-scavenging Sonali chickens in Bangladesh against Newcastle disease; P K Biswas, G M N Uddin, H Barua, K Roy, D Biswas, A Ahad and N C Debnath

  2. Relation between pressure and volume for the assembly of the in vitro technique of gas production in Colombia; L A Giraldo, L A Gutiérrez, J Sánchez y P A Bolívar (In Spanish)

  3. Studies on the growth performance of native chicken ecotypes and RIR chicken under improved management system in Northwest Ethiopia; Halima Hassen, F W C Neser, Tadelle Dessie, A de Kock and E Van Marle-Koster

  4. Influence of parity on productive performance of Pelibuey ewes under intensive management in the Mexican dry tropics; R Macedo and J D Hummel

  5. Effect of offering leaves or stems of water spinach on patterns of eating, consumption of caecotrophs and excretion of faeces by growing rabbits; Pok Samkol, T R Preston and R A Leng

  6. Study of the factors influencing nutritional models of different feeding systems in Bakkan region, Southern Iran; G R Badjian, D Ismail, M S Othman and A A Mehrabi

  7. Occurrence of fungi in the hay of batatais-grass (Paspalum notatum) according to the level of urea, period of treatment and content of humidity; J C de Carvalho Almeida, F T de Pádua, D de Deus Nepomuceno, N Silva Rocha, T Oliveira da Silva and A de Moura Zanine (In Portuguese)

  8. Potential nutritive value of some mediterranean shrub and tree leaves as emergency food for sheep in winter; A Karabulut, O Canbolat, C O Ozkan and A Kamalak

  9. Breeding activities and adoption of artificial insemination amongst dairy herds in the dry zone of Sri Lanka; J Sinniah and G E Pollott

  10. Evaluation of litter traits in purebred and crossbred rabbits raised under Egyptian conditions; M M Iraqi, M K Ibrahim, N S H Hassan and A S El-Deghadi

  11. Nutritional value of "Maralfalfa" (Pennisetum sp) harvested at two stages of re-growth; H J Correa (In Spanish)

  12. Ensiling characteristics and milk producing capacity of browse/maize forage mixtures; H Kato, F B Bareeba, C Ebong and E N Sabiiti

  13. Intake and digestibility by pigs fed different levels of sweet potato leaves and water spinach as supplements to a mixture of rice bran and cassava root meal; Chittavong Malavanh and T R Preston

  14. Effect of supplementation with Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) tree foliage and Ivermectin injection on growth rate and parasite eggs in faeces of grazing goats in farmer households; Theng Kouch, Preston T R and Hun Hieak

  15. Livestock and poultry wastes management in Swaziland; Y Mijinyawa and B J Dlamini

  16. Job satisfaction of faculty members of veterinary sciences: an analysis; Gautam, M K Mandal and R S Dalal

  17. Evaluation of different supplements on weight gain and reproductive aspects of Nelore heifers; S Vieira Peixoto, A R Pacheco, R N Ferreira, E Reuter de Oliveira; G Fleury Orsine and E Alves Costa (In Portuguese)