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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 4, April 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effects of starter cultures and heat treatments of milk on Bafut cheese; a local cheese from the High Lands of Cameroon; A Kameni, J Mbanya and S Mendi

  2. Effect of cattle manure and biodigester effluent levels on growth and composition of water spinach; Nguyen Van Hiep and T R Preston

  3. Plug flow biodigester evaluation; D C A Duque, U C H Galeano y G J M Mantilla (In Spanish)

  4. Estimates of correction factors for lactation length, age and calving season in buffaloes of Colombian Atlantic Coast; A Gutiérrez-Valencia, N Hurtado-Lugo y M Cerón-Muñoz (In Spanish)

  5. Factors affecting production of F1 crossbred dairy cattle in West Bengal; K C Dhara, N Ray and R Sinha

  6. An analysis of turkey (Meleagridis gallipavo) production systems in the suburban area of Xochimilco (Mexico City); H Losada, J Rivera, J Cortés, A Castillo, R O González y J Herrera (In Spanish)

  7. A review of environmental and management factors affecting the reproductive performance of Holstein-Friesian dairy herds in Tunisia; M Ben Salem, M Djemali, C Kayouli and A Majdoub

  8. Breeding soundness of bulls and the quality of their frozen semen used in cattle artificial insemination in Bangladesh; A H Sugulle, M M U Bhuiyan and M Shamsuddin

  9. The production parameters of the Barbados Blackbelly and crossbred sheep in a controlled semi-intensive system; J. Solomon, N Cumberbatch, R Austin, J Gonsalves and E Seaforth

  10. Influence of calf presence loose in a pen alongside the milking parlor on yield and fat content of milk from Brahman x Holstein cows; M Tesorero, L Gabaldón and J Combellas

  11. Effect of different ratios of water spinach and fresh cassava leaves on growth of pigs fed basal diets of broken rice or mixture of rice bran and cassava root meal; Chhay Ty and T R Preston

  12. Effect of different sources of supplementary fibre on growth of rabbits fed a basal diet of fresh water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica); Khuc Thi Hue and T R Preston