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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 2, February 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Impacts of the women-in-agriculture (WIA) extension programme on women's lives; implications for subsistence agricultural production of women in Imo State, Nigeria; S N Odurukwe, E C Matthews-Njoku and N Ejiogu-Okereke

  2. Analysis of local competitiveness of beef carcasses in Yucatan State, Mexico: 1980-2003; Miguel Magaña Magaña, Jorge Santos Flores y Manuel Rejón Ávila (In Spanish)

  3. The performance of Friesian x Boran bulls managed extensively under agropastoralism with indigenous Tanzanian zebu; N Y Msanga and J K A Bee

  4. Evaluation of an elephant grass pasture, managed under agroecology principles, during the summer period; C J Olivo, M F Sobczak, P Santini Charão, M F Ziech, G Rossarolla, E Machado Alves, L F Uberty and S E Schwendler (In Portuguese)

  5. Digestibility indices and N balance in growing rabbits fed a basal diet of water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) supplemented with broken rice; Pok Samkol, T R Preston and J Ly

  6. Lactation yield of crossbred dairy cattle under farmer management in Eastern coast of Tanzania; J K A Bee, Y N Msanga and P Y Kavana

  7. Participatory on-farm evaluation of urea molasses mineral block as a supplement to crossbred cows for dry season feeding in rainfed agro-ecosystem of India; A K Misra, G Subba Reddy and Y S Ramakrishna

  8. Effect of increasing offer level of water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) on intake, growth and digestibility coefficients of rabbits; Pok Samkol, T R Preston and J Ly

  9. Evaluation of substrates and culture traps for collecting Alder mycorrhizal fungi (Alnus acuminata HBK); M Molina, M Medina and L F Restrepo (In Spanish)

  10. Prediction of relative feed value of alfalfa hays harvested at different maturity stages using in vitro gas production; O Canbolat, A Kamalak, C O Ozkan, A Erol, M Sahin, E Karakas and E Ozkose

  11. Growth performance and parasite infestation of goats given cassava leaf silage, or sun-dried cassava leaves, as supplement to grazing in lowland and upland regions of Cambodia; Ho Bunyeth and T R Preston

  12. Selection of the best model for the analysis of experiments with repeated measurements over time; hormones in lactating sows; E R Pérez Sánchez, E Gutiérrez Vázquez, J Herrera-Camacho and J C Segura Correa (In Spanish)

  13. Influence of breed and season on lactoperoxidase system components in cow's milk in Western Cameroon; F A Fonteh

  14. Kinetics of macro-mineral release in the rumen from Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) harvested at two cutting intervals; H J Correa C (In Spanish)