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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 11, November 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Characterization of Krishna Valley breed of cattle (Bos indicus) in south India using microsatellite markers; S M K Karthickeyan, R Saravanan and P Thangaraju

  2. Total phenols and condensed tannins in tree species with potential as forage sources in the tropics; J C González-Gómez, A Ayala-Burgos and E Gutiérrez-Vázquez (In Spanish)

  3. Silvopastoril model of natural regeneration with forest species, promotor of environmental services in the north zone of the State Táchira, Venezuela; L A Díaz Jaimes, F Moreno-Elcure and L Carrero (In Spanish)

  4. A comparison of live weight and carcass gain of Pekin, Kunshan and Muscovy ducks on a commercial ration; J K Q Solomon, R Austin, R N Cumberbatch, J Gonsalves and E Seaforth

  5. Monthly chemical composition variations in grazable material of semi-arid rangelands in north-western Greece; I Mountousis, K Papanikolaou, F Chatzitheodoridis, C Roukos and A Papazafeiriou

  6. Effect of supplementation of anoestrous cows with multi-nutritional urea-molasses blocks ; A Macedo, E Gutiérrez y G Salas (In Spanish)

  7. An economic analysis of small scale dairy milk processing in Kogi State, Nigeria; K O Osotimehin, A A Tijani and E O Olukomogbon

  8. Assessment of the cost effectiveness of vaccinating free range poultry against Newcastle disease in Busedde sub-county, Jinja district, Uganda; F H Nahamya, G Mukiibi-Muka, G W Nasinyama and J D Kabasa

  9. Effect of strategically supplemented pregnancy allowance on nutrient utilization and reproductive performance of goats; A Rastogi, N Dutta and K Sharma

  10. Farmers' perceptions on importance and constraints facing Napier grass production in Central Kenya; S W Mwendia, M Wanyoike, R G Wahome and D M Mwangi

  11. Effect of stocking rate on growth of lambs grazed on dry season tropical mixed pasture in Ethiopia; Tesfaye Lemma and Diriba Geleti

  12. Haematological changes in the blood of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell 1822) juveniles fed poultry litter; B O Omitoyin

  13. Evaluation of poultry litter as feedstuff for growing rabbits; P A Onimisi and J J Omage

  14. Assessment of feeding urea ammoniated wheat straw on growth performance, feed intake and nutrient utilization in crossbred calves reared under stall-fed or grazing condition; A K Misra, U R Mehra and R S Dass

  15. Digestibility and effects of diets containing graded level of cocoa pod husk on the performance of growing-finishing pigs; F Meffeja, N Njifutié, Y Manjeli, T Dongmo, J Tchakounté and R B Fombad (In French)