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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 10, October 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Prevalence of gastro-intestinal parasites of donkeys in Dugda Bora District, Ethiopia; G Ayele, G Feseha, E Bojia and A Joe

  2. Composting to ensure food security: Learning by doing; V A Clottey, W A Agyare, K O Gyasi, M Schreurs, A Maatman, H Abdulai and R K Dinku

  3. Puberty determination in rams according to body characteristics, and evaluation of quality of ejaculate and testosterone; Y Avellaneda, F Rodríguez, H Grajales, R Martínez and R Vasquez (In Spanish)

  4. Age and weight at puberty and their relation with reproductive efficiency cattle breeds in the Colombian tropics; H Grajales, A Hernández and E Prieto (In Spanish)

  5. Effect of feeding differently processed detoxified neem (Azadirachta indica) seed cake based complete diet on growth, nutrient utilization and carcass characteristics in Nellore sheep; K Madhavi, T J Reddy, Y Ramana Reddy and G V N Reddy

  6. Influence of manure and inorganic fertilizer on yield and quality of Vicia villosa intercropped with Sorghum almum in Ol-joro-orok, Kenya; T P Lanyasunya, Wang H Rong, E A Mukisira, S A Abdulrazak and W O Ayako

  7. Seasonal in vitro gas production parameters of three multi - purpose tree species in Abeokuta, Nigeria; O M Arigbede, U Y Anele, J A Olanite, I O Adekunle, O A Jolaosho and O S Onifade

  8. Post-ruminal apparent digestibility of the dry matter, crude protein and four macro-minerals of kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) harvested at two cutting intervals; F Caro and H J Correa (In Spanish)

  9. Determination of reproductive parameters based upon progesterone levels in double purpose heifers in the Colombian tropics; H Grajales, A Hernández and E Prieto (In Spanish)

  10. Bovine pediculosis: prevalence and chemotherapeutic control in Pakistan; M A Hussain, M N Khan, Z Iqbal, M S Sajid and M Arshad

  11. Antigenic diversity and similarity of Newcastle disease viruses isolated from unvaccinated free-range rural chickens characterised by polyvalent and monoclonal antibodies; M G S Yongolo, A P Muhairwa, D J Alexander, K J Handberg, R. J Manvell and U M Minga

  12. Phenotypic and genetic parameters of reproductive traits for Ayrshire cattle on large-scale farms in Kenya; J O Amimo, R O Mosi, J W Wakhungu, T K Muasya and B O Inyangala

  13. Immunogenicity and protection ability of candidate Newcastle disease virus isolates for vaccine production; M G S Yongolo, A P Muhairwa, M M A Mtambo, U M Minga, M Minja and R H Mdegela

  14. Kanniadu goats of Tamilnadu, India: genetic characterisation through microsatellite markers; K Thilagam, J Ramamoorthi, S N Sivaselvam, S M K Karthickeyan and P Thangaraju

  15. A note on the effect of water on incubating eggs of edible tropical land snail Limicolaria aurora; I E Ebenso