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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 1, January 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Sexual behaviour, estrus and estrous cycle duration of "Criollo Sanmartinero" and Brahman heifers; A Góngora and A Hernández (In Spanish)

  2. Cyber livestock outreach services in India: a model framework; P V K Sasidhar and V P Sharma

  3. Morphological characteristics and feed resources available for indigenous chickens in Botswana; S S Badubi, M Rakereng and M Marumo

  4. Nutritional and socio-economic implications of feeding cereal straws supplemented with higher dietary level of de-oiled cakes to lactating buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis): an on-farm study; K Sharma, N Dutta and U Naulia

  5. Digestibility and nutrient utilization of pigs fed graded levels of brewers' dried grain based diets; U Amaefule, S O Okechukwu, S N Ukachukwu, F C Okoye and O C Onwudike

  6. Effects of stocking levels of ducks on production of Indian Major Carps in village ponds under duck-fish integrated system in West Bengal state of India; B K Chand, A Goswami, P K Biswas , P Biswas and B C Patra

  7. Productivity and survival ability of goats in smallholder crop/livestock farming systems in Malawi; S K Chikagwa-Malunga and J W Banda

  8. Economic performance of case study dairy farm in Southern Ethiopia; K Ergano and A Nurfeta

  9. Use of diatomaceous earth in the prophylaxis and treatment of diarrhoea in dairy calves artificially reared; M Manera, G Bilbao, P Bergonzelli and H Landi (In Spanish)

  10. Effects of nitrogen level on the utilization of maize offal and sorghum brewer's grain in sheep diets; O A Olorunnisomo, M K Adewumi and O J Babayemi

  11. The effect of supplementing Rhodes grass hay with cotton seed cake and pyrethrum marc based rations on the performance of Sahiwal female weaners; F W Wekesa, S A Abdulrazak and E A Mukisira

  12. Livestock farming in peri-urban areas of Faisalabad, Pakistan; M Moaeen-ud-Din and M E Babar

  13. Animal products consumption patterns of rural households in Turkey; C Akbay

  14. Performance and profitability of incorporating millet in the fattening rations of Maure sheep; H Nantoumé, C H T Diarra and D Traoré (In French)

  15. Estimation and comparison of benefits due to feeding hay and silage during the dry season on commercial dual-purpose cattle production systems in Honduras and Costa Rica; A D Schoonhoven, F Holmann, P Argel, E Perez, J C Ordoñez and J Chaves

  16. Management of draught camels (Camelus dromedarius) in crop-livestock production systems in Northwest Nigeria; I Mohammed and I Hoffmann

  17. Relationships between somatic cell count score and milk yield of buffaloes in the Sao Paulo state, Brazil; G Mendoza-Sánchez, M F Cerón-Muñoz, H Tonhati, A L Ferreira Lima, L de Oliveira Seno y A R Otaviano